Treat Fleas Organically With Homemade All Natural Flea Prevention Treats For Dogs

All Natural Flea Prevention Treats

Why Choose All Natural Flea Prevention?

When it comes to my dogs, chemical “medicines” and flea preventers are something I stay as far away from as possible. Most flea medicines have terrible potential side effects and can harm your dog or cat. They contain toxic chemicals that in some cases have resulted in the loss of a beloved pet.

Many Retail Flea Prevention Products cause serious allergic reactions that cause hair loss, raw skin and even chemical burns. Some of them are deadly for cats too so it is very important to know what your putting on your pet and even more important to find ways to Treat Fleas Organically and these Homemade All Natural Flea Prevention Treats are one way as well as holistic topical powders that won’t harm your pets.

This is my absolute favorite way to prevent fleas because not only does it work; it’s something my dogs look forward to everyday!

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~ Dorene Cash is known by her clients across the globe as YaMaEL. She is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Natural Health Advocate living in the Edgewater, Fl and a lifelong student and teacher of all things spiritual. After healing herself of lifelong kidney failure over 15 years ago, she has dedicated her life to helping others remember that we have the power within to heal ourselves from the inside out. YaMaEL runs a complimentary healing practice at: