Sauerkraut Tests Reveal Shocking Discovery Of Probiotic Health Benefits

Learn The 3 Easy Steps To Making Your Own Probiotic Rich Sauerkraut At Home

Find Out The Probiotic Health Benefits of SauerkrautIt’s so easy to make your own sauerkraut at home and I love the taste!  Try making your own using the steps below and quickly rid your gut of harmful bacteria while replenishing the good bacteria needed to defeat harmful pathogens.

Homemade sauerkraut is by far the best choice when the probiotic health benefits far outweigh store bought.

With billions of probiotics in each bite, sauerkraut is being ranked as one of the highest forms of probiotics you can eat, including out-ranking over the counter probiotic pills.  It’s also one the easiest things to make in your kitchen where literally the chopping of the cabbage is what takes the most time.

Step 1

First: take a medium organic head of cabbage and chop it up as fine as you like it. The finer the chop, the faster it ferments.

Step 2

Second: add 2 tablespoons mineral salt (such as Pink Himalayan Sea Salt) and stir. You want to have all the salt equally distributed throughout the cabbage pieces. Then  just let it sit and allow the salt to break open the cell walls. This is called salting.

Step 3

Third: pack the cabbage into mason jars packing it tightly so that there are no air pockets. Be sure the top of the cabbage is covered by the liquid, this protects it from rising up and going moldy. Leave one inch of head space between the top of the cabbage and the lid. Brewing in a mason jar is an anaerobic ferment, meaning without oxygen. This only takes 4-7 days to brew. The warmer the temperature the faster it brews. I let my kraut brew 12 days because we like it better at that stage. Once it is brewed to your taste preference put it in the refrigerator to slow fermentation. (2)

Probiotics are a necessary when it comes to digestive health. This is a super easy and natural way of getting a ton of these good bacteria! There are many other cultured (fermented) vegetables you can make, although it is my understanding that sauerkraut has some of the highest probiotics counts you can get.

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