Sauerkraut Tests Reveal Shocking Discovery Of Probiotic Health Benefits

Sauerkraut Probiotic Health Benefit News

What Are The Probiotic Health Benefits Of Homemade Sauerkraut? 

Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage, but making your own sauerkraut can produce a fermented food that is overflowing with Probiotic Health Benefits for your body! After testing Dr. Mercola’s home fermented sauerkraut, the results were shocking! The billions of beneficial microbes you’re consuming when eating homemade kraut is killing the harmful bacteria throughout your body and replacing them with good flora in your digestive system.

This doesn’t compare to store bought sauerkraut! To get this many beneficial bacteria you need to make your own home fermented sauerkraut. I always keep a jar and take a few spoonfuls a day with each meal! Since doing this I’ve noticed a significant decrease of indigestion problems.

In an article from ‘Nourishing Plot” they had this to say about the shocking probiotic health benefits of sauerkraut:

It was recently reported that sauerkraut topped the charts of probiotics, surpassing that of over-the -counter probiotics purchased.

Dr. Mercola sent his sauerkraut off to a lab and reported the findings of probiotics saying, “We had it analyzed. We found in a 4-6 ounce serving of the fermented vegetables there were literally ten trillion bacteria.” That means 2 ounces of home fermented sauerkraut had more probiotic health benefits than a bottle of 100 count probiotic capsules. Translated this means one 16 ounce of sauerkraut is equal to 8 bottles of probiotics.

In The Gluten Summit, 2013, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, told Dr. Tom O’Bryan, ““With every mouthful of sauerkraut you’re consuming billions of beneficial microbes which will be killing the pathogens in your gut driving them out and replenishing the beneficial flora in your digestive tract.”

Cabbage is high in anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins A and C. Cabbage also reduces lipids in the bloodstream. When cabbage is fermented into sauerkraut the fermentation process opens up the cell walls accessing a higher ratio of vitamins. It has been said that sauerkraut has 200 times more vitamin C than the head of cabbage before fermentation.

People who do have unbalanced gut flora with an overpopulation of bad gut bacteria pathogens experience die-off symptoms such as diarrhea, rash, cold-like symptoms, flu-like symptoms, etc. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride recommends starting with one teaspoon and looking for die-off symptoms then gradually increasing the amount daily or weekly depending on what your body can handle.

The probiotic count of store-bought, shelf stable sauerkraut does not compare to the probiotic health benefits of home-brewed sauerkraut. (1)

It’s no wonder so many people are making their own cultured foods such as sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables these days, the health benefits are downright amazing. Probiotics are essential to a healthy gut and a healthier guts leads to a healthier happier you!

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