Raw Food Diet – What To Eat For Optimum Health

Raw Food Diet

When eating a Raw Food Diet it’s important to know what foods you need to be eating. Like any diet, you must make sure you are getting the proper vitamins and nutrition for optimal sustained health. There are also ways you can include detoxifying into your diet. By drinking lemon water every morning you help your liver get rid of toxins.

Raw Food Diet
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When eating a raw food diet, greens should be a large part of your diet. My favorite is baby spinach. You can add it to smoothies, eat it in salads, or cook it. Micro-algae are also important as they include all of the B vitamins which are harder to get when not consuming animal products.

My favorite thing about eating raw is the large array of fruits and vegetables I’m able to experiment with. Multiple different fruits and vegetables cover my counters and fill up my fridge. Another thing you should be consuming to make sure you get adequate protein is a variety of different nuts and seeds. I like to add flax and chia seeds to my smoothies and salads.

Another thing I include in my Raw Food Diet is plenty of probiotics such as kombucha and either raw milk or almond milk kefir and lots of fermented foods and vegetables which have an unbelievable amount of probiotic colonies that support healthy gut flora. Sauerkraut is one of my favorite options for this.

A few of the benefits of fermented foods include:

  • Improved digestion
  • High In vitamin C
  • Helps alleviate Candida
  • Strengthens stomach acid

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~ Dorene Cash is known by her clients across the globe as YaMaEL. She is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Natural Health Advocate living in the Edgewater, Fl and a lifelong student and teacher of all things spiritual. After healing herself of lifelong kidney failure over 15 years ago, she has dedicated her life to helping others remember that we have the power within to heal ourselves from the inside out. YaMaEL runs a complimentary healing practice at: www.DivinityCodes.com