Powerful Detox Drink Recipe Effectively Kills Parasites And Toxins!

Health Benefits Of The Ingredients In This Detox Drink Recipe

My absolute favorite and most efficient way of detoxing is by making this tea. It takes very little time and effort to make, it’s got a great flavor, and instantly makes me feel better. If you’ve been having indigestion or other stomach problems, then your gut may be infected with parasites and toxins.

Get rid of them easily with this super easy and powerful detox drink recipe. It’s always worked for me and everyone I’ve suggested it to.

The wonderful folks over at ‘Your Food Corner‘ have this to say about the ingredients in this detox recipe:

This drink also has strong anti inflammatory properties and it works 100%. All the ingredients combined together in this drink make it an effective medicine which detoxifies your body and kill the parasites.

Ginger – You only need the ginger roots that can be found in any market throughout the whole year. They are not expensive at all. Ginger is good if you have vomiting problems, gastric mucosa, and it improves inflammatory conditions.

Turmeric – Besides being a great spice, turmeric has been used because of its anti – aging, anti – inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Turmeric is full of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. It can be used to treat a variety of different diseases.

Cinnamon – Besides the delicious smell and taste it has many medical properties that can be useful for our body. When buying cinnamon, look for Ceylon cinnamon which is the best type of cinnamon. The medical use of cinnamon has been increased over the past few years because of its many health properties.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – There is no other food in the world such as coconut that has so many healthy ingredients and nutritional benefits thanks to the medium chain saturated fatty acid. This very same acid gives the coconut the ability to flush out internal parasites. It also prevents the development of internal parasites and it detoxifies your body.

Honey – Who doesn’t know about the unbelievable health properties that honey has. You can add honey to your bath water, use it as a face mask, use it in your diet, or as a relaxing drink. Honey has antibacterial, anti inflammatory properties that treat various diseases, infections, skin diseases and emotional stress.

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