The Overuse Of Antibiotics In Children – Is Your Child At Risk?

In my own experiences, I’ve found that antibiotics are prescribed left and right for various conditions. But are they always necessary? And are they always safe to use, especially for kids? Learn about some of the health risks associated with frequent antibiotic use in children below.

Health Conditions Associated with Antibiotic Use in Childhood
Antibiotic use has been associated with a number of health problems in children:

1. Juvenile arthritis. A study involving over 450,000 children looked at how many antibiotics were prescribed to each child and the incidence of juvenile arthritis. After adjusting for other confounding factors, the researchers found that children who had been prescribed antibiotics were more than twice as likely to develop juvenile arthritis compared to those who were not prescribed antibiotics.[3] Previous studies found a similar association between antibiotic use and juvenile arthritis.[4]

2. Crohn’s disease. Researchers found that kids who had more than seven antibiotics purchased for them during their lifetime were at double the risk of developing Crohn’s disease, compared to those kids with six or fewer antibiotic purchases.[5] A review of 11 studies came to the same conclusion, making a strong association between antibiotic exposure and the odds of being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.[6]

3. Obesity. Kids who are repeatedly prescribed antibiotics (especially broad spectrum antibiotics) before the age of two are at a higher risk of developing childhood obesity than those who aren’t.[7]

4. Asthma. Antibiotic use in the first few years of life has been repeatedly associated with increased odds of developing asthma. And the more antibiotics used, the higher the risk.[8-10]

The problem with antibiotics is that white they do kill bad bacteria, they’re also killing essential good bacteria or microflora in the and gut upsetting the natural balance of the bodies microbiomes.  These beneficial good bacteria can takes quite some time to repopulate. Ask your doctor questions, is this antibiotic safe, what are the side effects and other important questions. The best decisions are always based on well informed knowledge.

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