The Overuse Of Antibiotics In Children – Is Your Child At Risk?

Overuse Of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are prescribed in every way possible, especially for children. While antibiotics can be beneficial and even life saving, there can be risks involved with the overuse of antibiotics, especially for children. Often times a doctor will prescribe antibiotics, despite the illness being treatable in other ways.

Aside from this, the overuse of antibiotics in children has been linked to high risks of certain problems that you need to be aware of. Before pumping your child full of antibiotics, always question your doctor. Make sure that what you are trying to treat is something that requires antibiotics.

Many childhood illnesses are actually viruses that do not respond to antibiotics. Certain illnesses however, do require antibiotics immediately before getting worse. In these cases, antibiotics are necessary and highly recommended. There are a multitude of natural ways to get rid of infections without the overuse of antibiotics, especially for children.

Do some research on the infection you are dealing with and find out if there are less harmless ways you can get rid of it. In an article by Chelsea Clark at ‘Mother Earth News’ you can read what she has this to say about 4 Risks of the overuse of antibiotics on the Next Page.

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