Homemade Health Remedy DESTROYS Dangerous Cells

homemade health remedy

This baking soda and honey/maple syrup recipe is completely genius! Since cancer cells consume fifteen times more glucose than regular cells, this recipe is targeting them directly. The baking soda takes action before the sugar is able to do anything. The ratio for the recipe is 3 to 1. Since three teaspoons equal one table spoon, you can use spoons for measurement. This therapy should be taken separate from mealtimes and will work best if you cut all other sugar and white flour out of your diet. This way the cells won’t be able to thrive off of the sugar and counteract what the baking soda is doing.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, then this natural remedy may be able to help you. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation therapy, this therapy has absolutely no negative side effects and isn’t harmful to any part of your body other than the cancer cells.

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~ Dorene Cash is known by her clients across the globe as YaMaEL. She is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Natural Health Advocate living in the Edgewater, Fl and a lifelong student and teacher of all things spiritual. After healing herself of lifelong kidney failure over 15 years ago, she has dedicated her life to helping others remember that we have the power within to heal ourselves from the inside out. YaMaEL runs a complimentary healing practice at: www.DivinityCodes.com