Get Rid of Bloating FAST With This All Natural Recipe!

Get Rid Of Bloating

Bloating has been an issue I have dealt with for some time now even after going gluten-free and dairy-free. I’ve had a clean bill of health from my doctor and realize that I needed to change a few more things in the way I eat and associate with food. For starters, I began to eat smaller meals less often rather than the tradition meal plan of eating 3 times per day and this helped greatly as my body was better able to digest foods much better when I ate without getting too full.

I also began taking a high quality HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) supplement before meals as low stomach acid was one of the issues causing my bloating. I also increased the amount of water I drink each day. Each of these things are small changes, but they had a huge impact on how I feel each day.

If you struggle with bloating, whether it be from hormonal causes, bad dieting, or lack of fiber, then this amazing smoothie I drink will work wonders to Get Rid of Bloating for you! If I don’t drink enough water one day or lack dietary fiber, then I’ll wake up the next morning painfully bloated! My absolute favorite recipe for fixing this is this amazing sweet and minty smoothie that a friend of mine shared with me after discussing my bloating issues with her.

This fresh smoothie is super sweet, silky, and yummy. Even if you’re not bloated, you’re going to want to make this! The taste had me hooked after just one smoothie. It hasn’t failed me yet and has calmed my bloating every single time.

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