Cream Of Zucchini Soup – Healthy And Delicious

Cream Of Zucchini Soup

Soups are perfect for any time of day or any occasion. Whether you’re sick, looking for something delicious, trying to eat healthy, or just craving hot soup on a cold day, this cream of zucchini soup will be loved by you and everyone you share it with! I am always looking for new zucchini recipes. I’ve made zucchini chips, pasta and zucchini bread, but this was the first zucchini soup I’ve ever tried!

I couldn’t believe how easy this was to make. Being ridiculously creamy, flavorful, and tasty, even my children loved it. For those who have children who are picky with vegetables, definitely make this soup and they’ll be sure to ask for seconds. Since making this, I’ve tried two other versions of cream of zucchini soup but this one was by far the best.

I topped mine with a few pistachios as a garnish but you can get creative with this step. Add sunflower seeds, cashews, or some pumpkin seeds for a beautiful and tasty garnish. You can make this in a crock pot on low simmer so it’s ready when you get home or you can make it right on the stove.

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