Canine Arthritis – 5 Ways To Help Your Pooch Feel Better

canine arthritis

Canine Arthritis can be very painful for your aging pooch. If you notice that your dog has lost the spring in his or her step and is starting to move slower, isn’t as active, has difficulty going up or down stairs, seems constantly uncomfortable, or cries out in pain, then you should see your veterinarian and ask about arthritis. Canine Arthritis affects one in five dogs as they get older. While this seems like a terrible fate, there are many things you can do to ease the the symptoms of arthritis in your dog and create a more comfortable life for them.

Something you can do to help is buying a heated dog bed. I find these are easier and safer than a heating pad, but you can use whatever source of heat you can. The warmth will provide relief from their arthritis, especially in the winter time.

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