All Natural Homemade Raw Coconut Yogurt Recipe

raw coconut yogurt recipe

What makes yogurt super healthy for you is the probiotics it’s filled with. To make this amazing and creamy Homemade Raw Coconut Yogurt Recipe, you’re going to need a high quality probiotic powder or capsule.

After you blend the coconut and probiotics together, you allow the all natural vegan yogurt a few hours to culture. Once it’s ready, it’ll have a hint of a sour taste to it. It can now be refrigerated and you have a powerful healthy homemade raw coconut yogurt!

This recipe tastes great alone, but it’s also super easy to flavor with fresh fruits, agave, maple syrup, or raw honey. I love to use a bit of maple syrup, blueberries, and some granola for a delicious flavoring.

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