All Natural Flea Control For Dogs And Cats

Natural Flea Control

Living in Florida, Flea Control is a major issue that can be costly as well as dangerous for our pets. Commercial Flea Control products are full of toxic chemicals that are downright dangerous. But when fleas get out of control, we’re all faced with using them because the fleas themselves can make our pets sick not to mention the itchy and miserable bites we can get from them.

When dogs and cats swallow fleas, or walk thru feces that is riddled with parasite eggs, the animal can get tapeworms that can cause our pets to lose weight and have intestinal problems such as diarrhea and even bloody stools.

Flea Control For Dogs and CatsI was determined to find an ALL natural flea control for dogs and cats and in an earlier post I made for All Natural Flea Prevention Treats which work wonders for both dogs and cats, many people have issues with flea infestation in their environment that must also be controlled for the flea treats to be more effective.

Once our pets surroundings are free of fleas, it is much easier to maintain flea control on our pets that they may pick up while outside. So what are your options to safely and effectively control fleas on your pets and in their surroundings?

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