5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Garlic And Why It’s Best On An Empty Stomach

health benefits of garlic

There are many Health Benefits Of Garlic, this all natural holistic food does a variety of different things including strengthening the immune system, killing bacteria, and even protecting against deadly diseases. To amplify these properties, it’s best to eat a piece of garlic on an empty stomach.

I try to do this at least a few mornings every week and have noticed a significant decrease in how often I feel under the weather. Don’t worry about having garlic breath! You can easily get rid of it by doing any of the following afterwards:

  • drinking a glass of green or peppermint tea
  • sucking on a lemon
  • eating an apple
  • chewing a piece of parsley

Plain garlic doesn’t sound enjoyable, but it isn’t bad once you get used to it! I certainly recommend eating a piece of garlic at least a few times a week.

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~ Dorene Cash is known by her clients across the globe as YaMaEL. She is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Natural Health Advocate living in the Edgewater, Fl and a lifelong student and teacher of all things spiritual. After healing herself of lifelong kidney failure over 15 years ago, she has dedicated her life to helping others remember that we have the power within to heal ourselves from the inside out. YaMaEL runs a complimentary healing practice at: www.DivinityCodes.com